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Free License Plate Check

Check the most common MOT rejection points, repairs and technical data at licence plate level.

Check your car digitally and avoid a bad buy

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Premium License plate Check

Check owner and verhicle history, inspection remarks, and more


Environment sticker

Visiting Germany or France by car? Order your environmental sticker fast and easy.

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Check the mileage of a car to check if it's valid.



New website launched

Finnik.nl has had a big update. A lot has changed to bring the complete reports from the apps to web.

Don't hestiate to send us feedback on hallo@finnik.nl. We are working on bringing all functionality from the app to web.

New on web:
- The most complete car report
- New design, easier to use
- Login without password
- Complete history

- Theft check: see how many cars of this type have been stolen
- Total Cost of Ownership: what does this car cost per month?

Avoid a bad buy?

160.000 License Plate Checks are done every day.